Equity and Inclusion: Scholarships

In 2016, FOCUS launched an effort to increase our scholarship offerings for program participants to help ensure diversity across race, gender, income, and sector in each forthcoming cohort. We know there are many excellent FOCUS program applicants whose employers are not capable of financial support and who are not able to make a significant personal financial commitment. Increases in scholarship funding will help us to provide an even more rich and rewarding experience for all FOCUS program participants by increasing our financial accessibility. Click here if you would like to contribute to a FOCUS scholarship fund!


Engagement and Reconnection: FOCUS Alumni

FOCUS alumni are the life of our organization. To better reflect that reality, this year we hired the first-ever FOCUS team member dedicated to Alumni Engagement. Over the coming year, we will be working to provide opportunities for FOCUS Alumni to continue their FOCUS journey through refresher courses, social gatherings, and increased opportunities for engagement with one another, both within and across programs. Join us!


Capturing the Impact: Evaluation

We know that FOCUS educates leaders, connects them to one another, and facilitates important, difficult conversations for our region, and that many FOCUS alumni describe our programs as transformative. In the coming year, we will undertake an evaluation process to better understand and articulate our outcomes, our value proposition, and the influence of FOCUS-trained leaders across the region. FOCUS alumni are everywhere – we hope to be able to tell their stories, and our story, better.


Meeting the Need: Evolution

FOCUS St. Louis has always been a neutral convener and an organization that strives to provide clear, unbiased information. During this time of political polarization heightened tensions, we aim to enlarge our parallel role in civic engagement. As the first stop for many people embarking on a path toward change-making, FOCUS provides the signposts, information, encouragement, and networks that support civic efforts toward regional progress. Over the next two years, we will broaden our efforts to help FOCUS alumni take the next step in their civic journeys, including a web-based Citizens Toolkit and partnerships with organizations striving to increase civic participation.